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The Keys to Being Lice-Free

I want to help you past the fear and embarrassment. You didn't do anything wrong. Lice are not a sign of poor hygiene. You don't need to feel lost and alone when dealing with lice.

Follow the four keys from It Happens Professional Lice Services. I have made these helpful tips myself for the benefit of my clients in Magnolia, Texas and beyond.

Use a metal nit comb (I recommend the terminator comb) for the whole family— once a week, two to five minutes per person—to do a proper head check.

Pull long hair back into rubber bands, buns, or braids.

Use repellants or mint spray daily. Peppermint spray has a 92–95% success rate of repelling lice. Additionally, you may use a mint-based shampoo/conditioner once to twice a week.

If you become infected, TELL others that may have been exposed to prevent back and forth infestations.

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