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Say hello to a treatment that answers all your head lice problems and bid the itchy scalp goodbye. From effectively removing lice to keeping your head louse-free, I have you covered. Read on to learn more! You may also contact me at It Happens Professional Lice Services in Hockley, Texas.

Itching of the scalp is due to an allergic reaction to the lice saliva in the person’s/host’s bloodstream. At first infestation, this allergic reaction happens only after for 4-6 weeks. That is why we encourage all family members to be checked even if they don't itch.

Head Lice Basics

Here are some of the things that you should know about lice. Please note that all data are approximate.

  • First Nymphal Stage: 3–4 Days
  • Second Nymphal Stage: 3–4 Days
  • Third Nymphal Stage: 3–4 Days
  • Egg Output: 140–200
  • Survival Away From Host: 6–24 Hours
  • Adult Mobility: 9 inches/Minute
  • Adult Female to Gravid (Pregnant) Female: 0.5–2 Days
  • Hatched Egg to Adult: 7–10 Days
  • Adult Female Longevity: 20 Days
  • Adult Male Longevity: 20 Days
  • Size of Female: 2.4–3.3 mm
  • Size of Male: 2.1–2.6 mm
  • Size of Nit: 0.08 mm
  • Egg Incubation Period: 7–14 Days
  • Total Life Span: 30 Days

My Services

Weekday Rates

Head Checks

  • New client                                     $25.00
  • additional family members $15.00
  • returning clients                        $15.00
  • DCFS                                                 $10.00


  • Short hair  -4 in                  $75.00
  • Medium hair -14 in         $165.00

  • Long hair +14                     $185.00

  • severe/long/very tangled may be extra. will be know before treatment starts.

treatment includes

  • 1 nit/lice comb 
  • house hold discount check
  • 2 follow up re-checks according ton individual treatment plan.

More to Offer

I also offer products that you can safely use at home. Please read the instructions carefully before using them. Apart from that, I conduct seminars and head check demonstrations in schools, daycare centers, parent groups, scouting groups, play groups, and camps. These activities involve head checks and basic instruction on how to limit lice infestation.

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