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Eliminate Head Lice at Once

Hi, I’m Jennifer from It Happens Professional Lice Services in Magnolia, Texas. I'm here to help you eliminate head lice from your life. I offer effective lice treatment services and products. I can also teach you the proper maintenance routines to keep your hair lice-free.

How Lice Spreads

Putting off treatments can increase the risk of spreading head lice as they do not go away on their own. According to studies, moms are 33% likely to become infected from their children.

98% percent of infestations are a result from head-to-head contact. Approximately 2% are from sharing hats, comb, clothes, scarves, etc..

Lice have developed a resistance to the over the counter products. Doctors can offer an RX, unfortunately they can be very dangerous.

After one treatment with It Happens Professional Lice Services, the person is no longer contagious and can return to school, work or get a haircut. A treatment includes 2 follow up visits over the following two weeks at no additional cost.

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